JFK-Park-Hynes/Mass Ave-Downtown Xing-JFK

The first real snow of the season today. Now the fun begins!

Actually, overall I was very pleased with my travels on the T this morning, and they even ended with the rarest of treats: a T car all to myself, from Broadway to JFK, the last leg of my journey. I can't even tell you the wild thoughts that were running through my head, as for what to do with a whole car to myself. Should I kick off my clothes and do sommersaults down the length of the car? Should I sing "Jingle Bells" at the top of my voice, with the naughty lyrics (e.g., "Santa smells/Rudolph ran away...")? Should I rip a whole handful of those informational cards off the Bunker Hill Community College poster, and fill them in with silly names (e.g., George Bush, Jesus, Ayn Rand) and then toss them up in the air with a guffaw? I knew I only had two stops to make up my mind...

But isn't it funny what a little snow on a Sunday morning will do. I mean, it was nearly noon when I returned from a meeting of the Fenway Garden Society (of which I am a proud member), and no one was out.

I did see Frida and Diego for the first time in yonks this morning at JFK. They weren't canoodling this time, though. They were busily scrounging around for scraps of food, poor dears. While I haven't seen them around I have seen evidence of their continued presence from time to time, in the form of their "leavings," shall we call them. They like to sit in the rafters inside the station, which seem to have been designed just for that purpose, and drop little bombs on the commuters below. There are only two benches in the station, and both are usually pretty well spattered. But no one seems to mind all that much. And, you know, birds have gotta poop, too.


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