JFK to Back Bay/Hynes to JFK/the girl in my glasses

11:01 - arrived at JFK/UMass
11:02 - whistle sounded, indicating a train approaching from Braintree
11:05 - departed JFK/UMass
11:13 - arrived at Downtown Xing
11:15 - arrived at outbound (Forest Hills) Orange Line platform
11:22 - departed Downtown Xing
11:27 - arrived at Back Bay

Total commute: 26 minutes
Total time in transit: 13 minutes
Total wait: 13 minutes

14:10 - arrived at Hynes
14:12 - first inbound train arrives, but is entirely too crowded
14:14 - next inbound train arrives
14:21 - arrived at Park Street
14:25 - distracted by Latin hottie on Track 6
14:31 - departed Park Street
14:41 - arrived at JFK/UMass

Total commute: 31 minutes
Total time in transit: 17 minutes
Total wait: 14 minutes

Can't complain about today's trip, although I can tell you I wanted to be able to, it being the first I've logged here for posterity. The only slightly noteworthy event of the whole uneventful journey was a brainy-looking young woman dressed all in black with a suitcase who came right up in my face when there were plenty of other commuters about, and asked, rather too intensely for my taste, if she could catch the silver line to the airport at South Station. Sad to say I really didn't know. I've always taken the blue line in the past myself. Or had someone give me a lift. Didn't she have any friends? I'm not sure why she asked me. I guess I look like the kind of person who would know. Or maybe she felt some kinship with me, because we were wearing pretty much the same eyeglasses. They're kind of Clark Kent-like, and, I don't know, but they seemed too severe on her. But when I think on it, wire-rims would have looked grannyish. She should probably go for that Lasic surgery. I'm thinking about it myself. I could not honestly say whether she could catch the bus to the airport there or not, so I looked around for assistance, and after an interminable pause, another young woman next to me said she thought you could. People were looking at me like, well, she asked you! Like just because some stranger asks you something you're the one who's got to answer. Maybe she had ulterior motives, and they didn't want to butt in. Maybe they were thinking, she's really just hitting on him, and wouldn't they look cute together with their matching eyeglasses? But we wouldn't. It would be too much, frankly. Clark Kent does not need a Clarkette. He needs a Lois Lane, or a Jimmy Olsen. She lurched back to her seat, sort of across from me, but we didn't look at each other again. I mean, I looked at her shoes, and the shoes of the woman next to me. The woman going to the airport wasn't wearing any socks. Imagine. In this weather. Not very sensible.

Turns out you can catch the silver line to the airport at South Station, by the way.


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