11:16 - arrived at JFK
11:20 - departed JFK
11:30 - arrived at Park

Total commute: 14 minutes
MBTA estimated total trip time: 9 minutes
discrepancy: +5 minutes
Total time in transit: 10 minutes
Total wait: 4 minutes

17:19 - arrived at Chinatown
17:20 - departed Chinatown
17:26 - arrived at Mass. Ave.

Total commute: 7 minutes
MBTA estimated total trip time: 6 minutes
discrepancy: +1 minute
Total time in transit: 6 minutes
Total wait: 1 minute

21:19 - arrived at Back Bay
21:25 - departed Back Bay
21:29 - arrived at Downton Xing
21:34 - departed Downtown Xing
21:42 - arrived at JFK

Total commute: 23 minutes
MBTA estimated total trip time: 19 minutes
discrepancy: +4 minutes
Total time in transit: 12 minutes
Total wait: 11 minutes

I must say, none of these times is outrageous. I have rarely, if ever, hopped right on a train at Chinatown (and, to be fair, if I had not stopped into a convenience store after the gym for a packet of gum, I would've ended up waiting longer for the train)--even my wait later on at Back Bay was not interminable, as I assure you it can be that time of day. I had had a few beers with a buddy at a place on Copley Square and he offered to drop me home, but I said I had a duty to take the T, and so I did. When the weather's nice, I routinely walk down Boylston, through the Garden and the Common, to Downtown Xing, and had he not parked in the garage there at Back Bay station, I might have forgone the Orange Line altogether, too. But all in all, it was pretty painless, as I said. The T, in their trip time estimates, were only a grand total of ten minutes off for the day. Hmm.


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